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65% organic waste volume reduction

per month over traditional tote programs.

25+ tonnes diverted monthly

from landfills.

Lower emissions & disposal costs

with more time between waste collection and transportation.

Increase efficiencies beyond heating and electricity

Walker’s specialized organics disposal equipment is custom built to each store’s unique space and waste volume needs. This means more available floor space for your operations while decreasing your environmental footprint. The Walker Grinder:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by diverting excess organic waste from landfill where it creates methane
  • Ensures waste is delivered to anaerobic digester partners where it contributes to the production of biofuel
  • Reduces waste transportation emissions with an organic waste holding tank that holds more waste for longer periods between collection

What are your organic waste diversion goals?
Courtney can help.

Courtney Walsh, Program Lead - ORRS

Courtney Walsh

Program Lead - ORRS
[email protected]
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More Case Studies

Laura Secord reduces liability by using one reliable service provider for 100 locations across Canada.

Laura Secord Chocolates, Canada

Equipment maintenance in the food service industry is a challenge at the best of times. Convenient booking, service satisfaction and overall reliability isn't always easy to find. For Laura Secord Chocolates, Canada's largest chocolate company, this was true.

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Fepro Farms’ anaerobic digester works toward zero waste and 2x the energy production by adding Walker’s organic feedstock.

Fepro Farms Inc., Ontario

Fepro Farms was an early adopter of on-farm biogas in Canada. Inspired by their experience with similar systems in their native Switzerland, the owners incorporated an anaerobic digester into their farming operations in Ontario and enabled research that paved the way for off-farm materials to be accepted in agricultural facilities like theirs.

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