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Case Studies

Double the energy production

of manure and corn mixture alone.

4,100 MW

energy produced annually from Fepro Farms’ anaerobic digester.

Zero waste

as the process extracts maximum resource and leftover material is used back on the farm.

Sustainably Transforming Waste

Feedstock from Walker grease Trap Services enables Fepro Farms to take the circular economy approach. The feedstock allows the farm to produce more electricity and extract maximum available resources from the organic material. Approximately 98% of the grease waste is used in the anaerobic digester within a 24-hour period for renewable energy. Non-digestible fibre is used for animal bedding or turned into a fertilizer. Adopting new technologies and partnering with Walker means:

  • Making full use of organic materials
  • Diverting organic materials from landfill
  • Contributing to the country's environmental sustainability
  • Grease traps stay clean while food service establishments keep their footprint green

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Laura Secord reduces liability by using one reliable service provider for 100 locations across Canada.

Laura Secord Chocolates, Canada

Equipment maintenance in the food service industry is a challenge at the best of times. Convenient booking, service satisfaction and overall reliability isn't always easy to find. For Laura Secord Chocolates, Canada's largest chocolate company, this was true.

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How Longo’s in East Gwillimbury reduced its organic waste volume by 65% using the patented Walker Grinder solution.

Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., Ontario

Longo's is a multi-generational family-owned business with traditional stores and small-format urban locations across Ontario. Sustainability has been a top driver in the company's decision-making process as it continues to grow.

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