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Grease Guardian

Compact and easy to use, the Grease Guardian automatically traps and removes grease while filtering solid food waste. Save the hassle of pumping or fixing down the road with easy on-site food and grease management.


Stage 1: Solids Collection
Removable strainer basket collects any solid debris.

Stage 2: Grease & Oil Separation
Grease is trapped while the clear water leaves the unit and enters the drainage system.

Stage 3: Self Cleaning & Grease Removal
The PLC programmed heating element is activated to liquefy grease for removal and recycling.

Stage 4: Automatic Spray System (Optional Feature)
An automatic spray system activates to clean the unit.

Tens of thousands of installations across the globe, designed to adapt to each kitchen’s unique maintenance program and built to last for years of trouble-free operation.