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Walker Grinder

The Walker Grinder is a food waste and organics management system that allows users to grind food waste on site. We regularly collect the resulting slurry and process it into a biogas—turning your food waste into renewable energy.


The Walker Grinder

Easily grind organic waste on-site with the Walker Grinder.

Easily grind organic waste on site.

The Walker Grinder is ideal for grocery stores, commercial kitchens and cafeterias.

  • Compact, space-saving stainless steel design
  • Self-contained storage of food waste eliminates odours, pests and rodents
  • Reduced volume of food waste
  • Simple one-button operation with remote monitoring and auto-scheduled collection
  • Dedicated and ongoing support including training and reporting

Learn how one grocery store reduced its organic waste volume by 65% using the Walker Grinder.


The Walker Grinder drastically reduces the volume of food waste at your facility. This means more time between pickups and a reduced carbon footprint from collection and transportation. We collect the slurry and bring it to an anaerobic digester where your food waste is used to generate renewable, clean energy.